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About Jamia Urdu

After failure of the first war of independence in 1857, Muslims in India became a shattered lot. They were psychologically broken. At that time Sir Syed Ahmad Khan embarked upon his educational mission and established MAO College in 1875 which later was incorporated into the Aligarh Muslim University in 1920. Though Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and his associates had established only a College but their Aligarh Movement lighted a lamp of education and knowledge.

After passing away of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan a group of enlightened Muslims taking initiative from Sir Syed constituted Bazm-e-Iqbal at Agra with an aim to develop Urdu language and teaching.

In 1947 when Tahir Mohammad decided to migrate to Pakistan, the burning question cropped up where should Jamia Urdu may be located In the meantime Syed Zahiruddin Alvi came in forefront and in 1948 Jamia Urdu was transferred to Aligarh. Jamia Urdu shifted in the present building on January 8, 1960.

Jamia Urdu Aligarh is a minority educational institution of india imparting education amongst all since the year 1939 to the most deprived sections of the society . Jamia Urdu Aligarh is imparting education to the sections of Indian citizenry which cannot afford costly education and working hard to empower them so that they can come into the mainstream and also become a part in the development of the nation.

Jamia Urdu Aligarh has most updated and modern curriculum presently and moreover has a perfect examination system with transparent monitoring. Several Government bodies, Boards, Universities, and Institutions have recognised the courses of Jamia Urdu Aligarh and consider them equivalent to certificates of their respective state boards. The courses of Jamia Urdu Aligarh are recognised by Government of India, By the office Memorandum No. 14021/2/78-Estt. (D) dated 28 June 1978 of Ministry of Home Affairs/ Home Ministry (Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms).

  • Member of COBSE
  • Website Link : www.cobse.in
  • Approved by MCMEI (National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, India)

check iconRecognised / Equivalent / Quality School Education - JUA aims at providing quality school education while strengthening the social fabric of democracy and contributing towards universalizing school education. JUA has the authority to conduct examinations and issue its certificates. The certificates provided by JUA are recognized by Govt. of india for the purpose of employment. Successful Students of JUA can apply to the recognized national and international higher education institutes for further studies.

check iconFreedom to Learn & Flexibility - JUA works on the principle of freedom to learn and edibility without restrictions of time, place and pace of learning, as well as choice of subjects.


check iconAge Limit: There is no upper age limit for admission. However, the minimum age for enrolment is 14 years for Adeeb /10th/ Secondary level programmes and 16 years for Adeeb E Mahir / 12th / Senior Secondary school programmes.

check iconChoice in medium of instruction: programmes will be available in Urdu and English

check iconLearning Support: Learning Support is provided through quality self-learning study materials in multimedia. Tutorial Assistance is provided by tutors at study centres that are situated in Recognised Institutions.

check iconFlexibility in Examinations: Examinations will be held two times in a year in January - February, June-July. A learner can avail 9 chances in 5 years to pass all the subjects and qualify for the certificate. Learners have to appear for all the subjects opted for in the 1st chance. Thereafter, they can appear for one subject or more in subsequent chances. However, learners are advised to try and pass all the subjects at one go or avail minimum number of chances.