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1. Legal Notice:

Before enrolling in your chosen course, it is essential that you thoroughly review and consent to the terms and conditions associated with it. Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may lead to the cancellation of your course participation.

2. Entities Involved:

check iconJUA Online, also referred to as Jamia Urdu Aligarh, JUA Online, institute, we, us, our

check iconStudent, also referred to as student, you, your

3. Agreements:

Information provided by our institute, whether through documents or any other means, is intended solely to aid students in the admission process for their desired course.
JUA Online provides you with a non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable, and revocable license, which ceases upon completion of the course, discontinuation of course or website usage, or termination of this agreement.
In the event of suspected sharing of login credentials, the course, or related materials, we reserve the right to immediately revoke your access to the course.
By agreeing, you acknowledge and accept:

check icon Sole responsibility for your decisions regarding the course, its materials, or any significant changes to your business or life.

check iconSole responsibility for your mental and physical well-being, business choices, and any actions or inactions taken.

check iconOur exemption from liability for any outcomes or lack thereof, and any resulting consequences of your course participation.

You agree not to utilize the course or website in ways that could harm the course, website, services, or the overall business of the course provider. You also agree not to use the course(s) or website:

check iconFor harassment, abuse, or threats against others, or any violation of legal rights.

check icon To infringe upon intellectual property rights of the course provider or any third party.

check iconTo distribute computer viruses or other damaging software.

check icon To perpetrate fraud.

check iconTo engage in unlawful gambling, sweepstakes, or pyramid schemes.

check icon To publish or disseminate obscene or defamatory content

check icon To promote violence, hate, or discrimination towards any group.

check iconTo unlawfully gather information about others.

The course(s) and website are provided for informational purposes only. You acknowledge that any information shared in the courses, materials, or on the website is not intended as legal, medical, or financial advice and no fiduciary relationship is established between you and us. Furthermore, you accept that your participation in the Course is at your own risk. We disclaim responsibility or liability for any advice or information provided in the courses, materials, or on the website.You are strictly prohibited from engaging in illegal spam activities using the courses, including collecting email addresses and personal information or sending mass commercial emails. We do not assume responsibility for the security of your account or content. We reserve the right to modify this agreement at any time without prior notice. By agreeing, you acknowledge our right to amend this Agreement or its contents.